We are excited to announce that, beginning in 2018, our Cub Scouting program will be open to boys and girls. The addition of girls to our Cub Scouts and older youth programs will open a new world of adventure, personal growth, and leadership opportunities for young women across the nation. As you can imagine, it will also create a number of logistical questions about how to manage your units, volunteers, and new members. We have provided resources and FAQ that will help you as a Unit Leader.

Livestream Q&A

In early April, Lake Erie Council hosted a Q&A session on Facebook Live with volunteers and parents. Watch the recording to get questions answered such as "When can girls begin to join Packs?," "What can I do if my Chartered Organization does not want to offer Family Scouting?," and "What are the program differences for boys and girls?" Spoiler: there are none!

Stay informed by joining our Facebook Group: LEC-BSA Family Scouting.

If you have any further questions about Family Scouting, please email us at john.fabsits@scouting.org.

New Uniform Parts available

Uniform parts, including a new skort, for young female Cub Scouts are now available at the Scout Shop and online.