Commissioner Tools

A commissioner is one of the most important links in the chain that ensures quality Scouting and helps units provide consistent, quality program, that attracts and retains youth members. A commissioner is a friend to the unit.  He is a coach, trainer, consultant, and a confidant whose purpose is to make sure each unit assigned to them succeeds. 



A variety of manuals, resources, guides, and forms are available to help the commissioner corps. Commissioners are encouraged to read guides like: Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service or Unit Performance Guide.  Each tool is designed to help a commissioner operate effectively and to help units do the same.



Scouting’s Journey to Excellence is a planning, performance, and recognition program for councils, districts, packs, troops, teams, crews, ships, and posts. Its goal is to align unit, district, and council performance to maximize results in key performance areas that are directly related to producing a successful, growing, and sustainable Scouting program (such as membership retention, financial strength, camping, and advancement).  Commissioners help units plan and operate in ways that ensure they progress along their own Journey to Excellence.



A trained Commissioner is an effective Commissioner!  Commissioner training has the following elements:

  1. Commissioner Position Specific Basic Training – On line or instructor led within 30 days

  2. Completion of the onboarding progress record within 30 days

  3. Continuing education (monthly and annually)

Commissioner Recruitment and Retention

Commissioners’ mission, helping units succeed, hasn’t changed in Scouting’s second century. But the tools and techniques they use have. The BSA has a variety of tools and resources designed to recruit and retain top flight volunteers in the commissioner corps.