Inflatable BB Range

The Lake Erie Council is proud to offer the inflatable BB range for use at council-approved recruitment events! Check the calendar below for availability, and talk to your Unit Serving Executive to help start the reservation process.

Note that the range must be facilitated by a BSA-trained Rangemaster.


Calendar is updated weekly.

Requests should be made a minimum of two weeks in advance of your event.
Requests are reviewed and the calendar is updated on a weekly basis. You will be contacted by email to confirm your request.


Please note that you will need to print your own targets to ensure that you have enough for your event! We include examples in the resources below. BSA Shooting Sports guidelines state that

animal, zombie, and human form silhouettes are not approved for Cub Scout use.

And, for Scouts BSA or other older Scouts,

appropriate animal silhouettes include wild game species that are normally hunted. Human form and zombie silhouette targets are not approved for use.


Included in rental

  • Inflatable range

  • Air blower for inflation

  • Three BB guns

  • Six sets of safety glasses

  • Extension cord

  • Dolly for transport

Targets Appropriate for Shooting Sports Award