Trading Post eGift Cards


As I reached into my pocket to purchase my slushy and camp t-shirt, my heart sank...a hole in my pocket!

It's a story we hear every summer. Summer Camp can be rough, and trusting your cash and coins to stay in your pocket through the hiking, playing, swimming, and climbing is a tall order.

New this summer, you can purchase an eGift Card for your Scout to use a Lake Erie Council Camp Trading Post! Thrifty as they are, loosing spending money on the trail can be real downer on the week of camp. Set your Scout up with an eGift Card before camp and ensure they have an appropriate amount of money to spend on slushies. eGift Cards are automatically on file, meaning there's no need to carry around the card code. Just give your name, email, or phone number to redeem.

Experience has shown that the average Scout spends about $40 during their stay at camp. Each Trading Post can also take cash, check, or credit card.

eGift Cards can be redeemed at any LEC Square Terminal. They cannot be redeemed at the Scout Shops' Point of Sale terminals.

Unused funds on the eGift Cards do not expire, but they cannot be refunded.