Advancement is one of the eight methods used by Scout leaders to help Scouts fulfill the aims of the BSA.

Internet Advancement

Process ranks and awards for packs, troops, teams, crews, ships, and posts.


Welcome unit advancement processors. Thank you for your participation is this new program. With your help the council will be able to maintain individual achievement records on our youth and give you access to the most current roster of adults and youth in your unit; all from your home or office. 

Units can use Internet Advancement at any time as long as the unit is an active unit, which means it is no more than two months past its expiration date. The Unit ID will not work until the unit is renewed. There is no limited access window as in Internet Rechartering. 

We recommend that units enter data at least once a month so that records are current. Also any advancements earned during the current year must be entered by December 31st of that year.

First obtain your unit unique ID number. These will be distributed at the Internet Advancement trainings scheduled for the majority of the Roundtables.

We suggest that you gather previous year’s advancement report so that you can update records if necessary. 

The Process - First Time 

  • Receive the unit ID from Council (Unit IDs will be distributed at the training sessions).

  • Click on the Help link to review this resource.

  • Click the Frequently Asked Questions link and view the file.

  • NOTE: You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. You can access the Internet with AOL, but you must open Internet Explorer browser to view the Web page correctly.

  • Click on the Internet Advancement link as a first-time user, and then log on with the unit ID, unit type, and four-digit unit number. You will continue using the unit ID and user-selected password in the future as a returning user.

  • After log on, the system will use the information from ScoutNET.

  • When you complete the process, submit your file. This submittal process updates the youth member records for the unit within ScoutNET and the council information.

  • Print the Advancement Report and acquires the appropriate signatures. The signature(s) verify the approval for the advancements reported.

  • Turn in the Advancement Report and purchase award insignia(s).

Scouts BSA Advancement Team

If you have questions regarding the Eagle Scout Advancement process in your area please contact the Scouts BSA Advancement team.

Gary Jarkewicz - Scouts BSA Advancement Team Lead

Janet Jury - Scouts BSA Advancement team Service Area 1

Gerald Pierce - Scouts BSA Advancement team Service Area 2

Denise Day - Scouts BSA Advancement team Service Area 3

Greg Olgin - Scouts BSA Advancement team Service Area 4