Website Redesign

Welcome to the new Lake Erie Council website. We're sorry if your link didn't take you where you want to go, but read below on the new structure to see if the content now lives where you would expect. No luck finding it? Contact us and we'll point you in the right direction.

We've taken time over the last year to learn about the communication needs of our new council, and this is part of our effort to put Units at the Center. The new design is a departure from the previous site that took cues from the national Scouting website (which received it's own overhaul recently — it looks great!). This site is now mobile-responsive, so it should look great on your phone or tablet.

Our site may look familiar if you've been keeping up on our Outdoor Programs initiatives, and we've taken feedback from that test to inform the structure of the content. Along the top (or under the menu icon: ☰)  are eight tabs to house content, and Join for prospective families to easily find local units and start an application to join Scouting:

  • About (general council history and structure, plus contact and communication information — like this blog, and our staff roster.)
  • Calendar (the full council calendar with registration links, and how to add it to your personal one)
  • Activities (pages for upcoming event registration, summer camp programs, merit badge programs, and other Scouting things to do in Lake Erie Council like shooting sports and climbing)
  • Camps (home for our three amazing properties, things that are happening at camps year-round, and where to make a weekend reservation for a cabin or campsite)
  • Programs (Scouting has many faces from Cub Scouting, to Exploring, to Order of the Arrow, and everything in-between — this page shows differences between the programs.)
  • Resources (you're a veteran Scout or Scouter and you need the run-down on commissioner tools, Unit budgeting, charters, camperships, and so much more)
  • Give (want to help prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetime? — see our charitable giving resources for anyone to fund the future of Scouting)
  • Search (locate things across the whole site, and find answers and links to frequently searched items)

Clicking our logo in the upper lefthand corner will always bring you back to the homepage, where recent news and social posts appear at the bottom.


We're excited for this next step in Lake Erie Council's communication strategy, and we hope you find this improvement helpful. If you find something missing, or have a suggestion, we'd love to hear it!