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Note that due to a change in National policy, any adult staying more than 72-hours (non-consecutive) at camp must be both registered as an Adult Leader in Scouting, AND have completed Youth Protection Training prior to arriving at camp. Webelos Exploration Camp is longer than 72-hours in total.
Safety of our campers is of paramount importance.

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March: FREE Candy or Ice Cream Coupon - When we visit your Pack for a Camp Promo, every Scout can earn a coupon for a free candy or ice cream at our Trading Post this summer!

S’more Scouts Club - When your Pack brings a majority of their Scouts to camp, you earn a patch and party supplies at camp!

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Webelos Exploration Camp is the premier summer camp destination for Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts. Learn important Scouting Skills, with a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) twist! Campers will learn what it will take to be a great Scout in Scouts BSA. They'll test their bodies & minds in areas like Backcountry Science, Strength & Speed Building, Building & Engineering, & Fluid Dynamics.

Each evening Scouts will participate in evening program around camp before heading back to their campsite where everyone stays in two-person wall tents. Tents are provided with cots and mattresses, and are on a platform off the ground. If you would prefer to sleep in your own tent, please do!

Firelands Presents: Prehistoric Park


  • A four-night camping experience

  • Scouts choose their own morning programs

  • Evening programs like campfires, skits, and songs

  • Exciting activities including Climbing & Rappeling, Swimming, Boating, Shooting Air Rifles and Archery, Fishing, Nature Hikes, Games, and Laughter

  • Scout Skills Triads: Master the basics to be the best Scout ever!

  • Unique Honor Camper & Recognition Program: The Tribe of A'chawi


Session #1
July 7-11, 2019


Session #2
July 14-18, 2019

Session #3
July 21-25, 2019

This program is designed for Webelos & Arrow of Light Scouts going into the 4th & 5th grades in the fall of 2019.

What makes Webelos Exploration Camp different?

Lake Erie Council does something unique that you won't find at any other Webelos camp. We provide more than just a Cub Scout Resident experience with a bow on top. A Scout's years of being a Webelos or Arrow of Light Scout are some of the most crucial in their Scouting career. At Firelands, they get something special —  a taste of what they’ll experience as a member of Scouts BSA.

The difference starts with the camp property itself. Webelos have the entire Camp Wyandot to themselves. Camp Wyandot used to host Scouts BSA Resident Camp, so it is a full-featured camp that is bigger, better, and has all the program areas that Cubs lust after. Areas like our climbing and rappelling tower, full archery and air rifle ranges, campfire amphitheater and large lake are huge hits. Plus they get an extra day — five days at camp!

Rather than traveling around as a Pack or Den all day, Webelos get to choose their morning program as an individual. They dive deep into one of the program areas each morning that they’re most interested in like Aquatics, STEM, Shooting Sports, Outdoor Skills, and more. This gives them some autonomy, and shows trust that they can take care of themselves as their growing up.

In the afternoon, they go through our Scout Skills Triads as a Pack before free time. These are focused lessons and activities about what new members of Scouts BSA need to know right away. We introduce these programs so that each Scout feels comfortable about the transition, and have a leg up on skills like first aid, citizenship, and leadership.

Finally, some activities aren’t appropriate for Cub Scouts, but Webelos are finally able to do! They can rappel off the climbing tower, shoot air rifles rather than BB guns, and jump on the giant Blob launcher in aquatics! Webelos truly get more out of Exploration Camp!

National Accreditation

Firelands Scout Reservation adheres to the stringent National Camp Accreditation Program standards, and is assessed by an accreditation team each summer. FSR was fully accredited in 2018!

2019 Camp Schedule

Program Exploration Tracts

Each morning, every Scout will choose from different exploration tracts and dive deep into their favorite areas of camp!

Backcountry Science.png

Backcountry Science
A Scout knows the necessarily survival skills to get out of most any situation. Backcountry Science will help Webelos learn some of the basics of fire building, knife handling, knots, and navigation. Mastering Backcountry Science is important for every Scout. 

Building & Enginerring.jpg

Building & Engineering
This is all about hands-on experience. Scouts will learn about unique design techniques and then bring them to life. Scouts will first learn how engineering is done in the world, and will then put their designs to the test. Get ready to stretch your creativity and imagination. 

Eco-Con Warriors.jpg

Eco-Con Warriors
Our warriors are going way back this summer to discover pre-historic life! They’ll need to use all their “leave no trace” skills to avoid being detected by the creatures of the past. How do we find traces of those beasts today? Our warriors will uncover those treasures of the past. 

Fluid Dynamics.png

Fluid Dynamics
One of the most important things we learn at camp is how to be safe in the water. Scouts will get to learn swimming and basic rescue skills at the lake. They will also learn the basics of boating and get a run at our famous Blob. “Be prepared” to get wet! 

Gizmos & Gadgets.png

Gizmos & Gadgets
Scouts today live in a world full of technology and are expected to know how to operate it all. Gadgets can be indispensable tools used to learn, teach, and explore the world. This program area features the use of cameras, smart devices, and rockets used in creative (and responsible) ways. Don't expect to be inside, however, for we live in a mobile world…which means more ways to explore! 

Noise Nebula.jpg

Noise Nebula
This year, Scouts can learn about the science of sound. We'll stretch our creative minds to create new instruments of our own, and perform music. No musical background? No problem! Nature shows us that almost anything can be an instrument.

Projectile Dynamics.jpg

Projectile Dynamics - Air Rifles & Archery
Flying projectiles is one of the most fun things we get to experience in Scouting. Learning the physics and science behind the shooting will help Scouts to understand the way things work. Scouts will first learn about these skills and then get to put them into practice when they hit the range. Scouts will shoot high-powered air rifles, or archery, and maybe even experiment with a trebuchet and paintballs. 

Strength & Speed Building.png

Strength & Speed Building
The Climbing Tower is one of Firelands' crown jewels and it's waiting for Webelos! Scouts will be challenged to test their strength in various exercises. Scouts will climb, test their sporting skills, learn to be prepared to live a healthy active life. Webelos will also learn about the importance of good nutrition.

A'chawi Chief.png

Tribe of A'chawi

The Tribe of A’Chawi is the honor camper recognition program designed to encourage campers to come back summer after summer. Campers complete scouting spirit and woodsman skills throughout the week to be checked off by their adult leader. Candidates must also participate in the Test of the Tribe of A’Chawi. Campers work on the requirements for the number of years they have attended a Cub Scout Resident Camp (i.e. If this is their third summer of resident camp, they work on the Medicine Man rank.)

What are parents saying about camp?

"Live entertainment, great food, everyone loved it"

"Songs, Order of Noodle, etc. all top-notch!"

"Boys thoroughly enjoyed camp. Adults gave it a 5/5!"

"Very well organized. Cannot praise staff enough."

Firelands Logo.png
Get a Trading Post eGift Card for Camp!

Get a Trading Post eGift Card for Camp!



Regular Price: $110 per Adult

Late Fee: $25 (added if not paid in full two weeks before camp)

Part Time Adults also available!

One Den Chief per Pack may also attend for free!


Early Bird: $235 per Scout
(if paid in full by May 1)

Regular Price: $260 per Scout

Late Fee: $25 per Scout
(added if not paid in full two weeks before camp)


Webelos Resident Camp Registration Process

Have an existing summer camp registration? Click here to access it.


The Reservation Process

Our Summer Camp registration platform is totally online which gives you 100% control of your registration. Under this system there are two registration periods, a “Pre-Registration” period and a regular “Registration” period.

  • Pre-Registration Period (January 1 to February 28) For Units that register during this period a $200 deposit and an estimate of Youth & Adult attendance is required. This $200 deposit is put toward your final camp balance.

  • Registration Period (March 1 to June 1) For Units that register during this period, the Unit will need to pay a minimum of $25 per Scout with a minimum $200 to meet the deposit, and will need to specify the number of participants (youth & adult) attending summer camp.

    • Any Unit may make a registration for any available session of Webelos Resident Camp. A $25 fee per Scout will is due at this time, and the Unit is now financially responsible for the number of participants requested.

    • Individual names do not have to be specified at this time but can be if the Unit chooses to do so.

    • Units may add new participants (if space is available) or reduce the number of existing participants (subject to the LEC Payment & Refund Policy) until the week before their session of camp. Reducing your number of participants needs to be done by a LEC employee. Please call us at (216) 458-8904. Units may make changes to existing participants until midnight one week before their arrival at camp.

  • Estimate Confirmation (March 1 to June 1) — Units that made their reservation during the Pre-Registration period are required to confirm their estimated numbers (based on camp availability) and the Unit will be financially responsible for each confirmed participant. A $25 payment per Scout will be due at the time of confirmation. Do not confirm a participant unless you have a committed camper.

  • Early Bird Pricing Due & Morning Program Selection Available — May 1

    • For existing reservations, the final Scout balance (after the deposit) is now due for each participant reserved to receive the early bird rate.

    • All participant names and information are required at this time.

    • Selection for each Scout’s morning program will become available. Some programs will have limited availability. We do not recommend registering an entire Den or Pack for the same program on the same day of camp. Each Scout should have the opportunity to explore what interests them, and to meet Scouts from other Units.

  • Final Payment and Registration Information Due — June 1

    • Unit must finalize all participant names by this time.

    • Full payment for all camp fees is now due, including adults.

  • T-Shirt Pre-Order Due — June 16

    • To place an order with enough time to get them before camp, all t-shirt pre-orders must be selected on your registration by June 16.

    • After this time, no changes will be able to be made to t-shirt selection, and additional t-shirt purchases will need to be made at the trading post during summer camp.

    • T-shirts will be organized and ready for pick up at check-in of your session.

  • Late Fee Applied — Two Weeks Before Arrival

    • Any person not paid in full by 11:59pm two weeks before camp will have a $25 late fee applied to their registration.

Units may make changes to existing participants until midnight one week before their arrival at camp.

Parent Portal Help

Parent Portal allows the Pack to keep all the Scouts on one registration, while still allowing parents to pay directly for their Scouts. Here's how to use it as you register for camp.

Watch the Parent Portal video guide for Pack Leaders

Watch the Parent Portal video guide for Parents



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Check the matrix by campsite below to see which which campsites are available for your week.

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