Registration Frequently Asked Questions


Typing out all our Scouts' names and information is a drag! How can we speed this up for camp and all registrations?

Glad you asked! Check out the myRoster feature to upload a spreadsheet of your Unit's members so that you never have to type in someone's data twice. This video will show you how!

Scouts BSA Resident Camp

We just received a confirmation email for our registration, but we didn't register online. What happened?

Existing registrations for Scouts BSA Resident Camp 2018 to our online system which will give you 100% control over your registration. This will happen in several steps, the first of which was import all of our paper registrations into the online system before opening it up to the rest of the Council.

My Unit registered for 2019 Summer Camp while still at Beaumont in 2018; Are we still locked in for 2018 prices?

Yes. Your Unit will receive 2018 pricing for camp.

My confirmation email says that we owe $200 dollars, but I rolled over my deposit from last year, or I already sent in a check.

Adding exisiting registration happens in several steps. If you have a deposit rolled from last year, or have already paid your $200 deposit, you will see this applied to your registration sometime soon!

Cub Resident Camps

Are tents provided or do we need to bring our own?

Almost every site comes with tent platforms with two-person, green canvas tents with two cots and two mattresses. The number of tents provided are dependant on campsite size. You are always welcome to use your own tents, though!

Adventure Camp