LDS Aaronic Priesthood Encampment (APE)

You will have young men from six area Stakes participating in the Aaronic Priesthood Encampment (APE) with you (Akron, Cleveland, Columbus North, Kirtland, Toledo, Youngstown). Together the group will comprise more than 40 Wards/Branches! Through your annual participation in APE you will have the opportunity to make new friends who are also preparing to receive: the Melchizedek Priesthood, your temple endowment, and mission call. You will also better connect yourself with heaven and learn how to lead through amazing outdoor adventure experiences at Beaumont and beyond.

Your culminating experience of the week happens on Friday night when you rendezvous around a bonfire with all of the 200+ LDS young men at Beaumont to share your experiences and testimonies from the week as well as hear those of the other young men.

You can look forward to growing in this spiritually meaningful and adventurous week apart from the world every summer!

What you can expect to do

  • Spend time with your Father/Mentor and leaders
  • Become better connected with Heaven
  • Learn how to lead with other LDS young men

Who Should Register For What?

Birthday cutoff for most APE experiences: You must be the minimum required age by the last day of camp. The exception is 11 year olds turning 12 can come to camp starting the first day that they turn 12. Their camp fee will be prorated for the number of days they attend. The 2018 Birthday cutoff is June 16, 2018

Examples: If you turn 14 by June 16th you would register for HAT 1; If you turn 16 by June 16th you would register for one of the High Adventure Expeditions.

Any 11 year old who would like to participate in the Jump Start program at camp during APE, please register through your troop's Scoutmaster.

Adult Information

If you are interested in participating in one of the programs below use the registration link for HAT or High Adventure, or register with your Scoutmaster for Scout Camp.

Note that any adult attending the High Adventure Training or High Adventure programs, or is attending Beaumont for 72 hours or longer, MUST be registered as an adult leader with the Boy Scouts of America AND complete Youth Protection Training before arriving to camp. You will need to bring your certificate of completion to camp.

12 & 13 Years Old (Deacon)

Scout Camp

The camp staff provides a premier week of camp with the opportunities to earn from over 100+ merit badges, boat in Lake Klein, swim in the new olympic-sized pool, climb on the climbing tower or High Ropes course, or zipline down The Sizzler over the lake!

Register with your Scoutmaster

More Information

14 years Old (Teacher)

High Adventure Training 1

You will have the opportunity to continue working on badges for the first half of the week (Monday-Wednesday) and then participate in a local expedition, HAT 1, for the last half of the week (Wednesday-Friday).

15 years Old (Teacher)

High Adventure Training 2

You will make final preparations to participate in High Adventure the next summer by attending HAT 2. This week of high adventure leadership training will prepare you to lead a three day, two night, high adventure expedition.

16-18 Years Old (Priest)

High Adventure

You will put into practice what you have learned in HAT 1 & HAT 2 by leading a high adventure expedition of your interest! These trips are five day/four night expeditions that you and your father (preferably) or a mentor can plan, organize and lead together.

Scout Camp portion of APE (Deacons):

As a Deacon (12-13 years old), you will learn basic skill sets that will prepare you for High Adventure Training (HAT) as a Teacher and High Adventure as a Priest. Your APE experience begins with the opportunity to choose from 100+ merit badges to earn as you participate in scout camp at Beaumont. Here are some of the fun activities you can do while earning merit badges and adventuring around camp:

  • Sail, canoe, or kayak on Lake Klein
  • Swim in the new, heated, olympic-sized pool with slides
  • Climb on the climbing tower, or High Ropes course
  • Zip line down The Sizzler over Lake Klein

No matter what you choose to do it will be a week you will never forget! Check out more about Beaumont!