Professional Scout Photo's

Scouters have you ever wished you had a nice picture of your Scout in uniform? The Lake Erie Council is excited to offer a free photoshoot opportunity to Scouts and Scouters.

Now through the Fall, you can schedule a photoshoot time with the council's communication team!  

This is an excellent opportunity for families to have a once in a lifetime photo of their Scout in a uniform. These photos also make great gifts for graduation, holidays and court of honors.  

Contact Anthony Dworning for pricing and available times. 

Update your BeAScout pin, so prospective families can find you.

Today’s families can do just about anything online. From ordering groceries, buying school supplies, or purchasing movies tickets. Today’s parents want, and expect to learn about the BSA, find a local Scouting unit near them, and have the ability to sign up online as well. is the website for prospective members to find those units near them and the ability to join online. It is the first thing many prospective Scouting families see about the BSA, and it tells them what Scouting is, why it’s a good fit for their family.

We need your assistance to update your unit’s listing on Families need only to visit, they can enter their zip code to find all the Scout units near them. These results show up as pins, with each representing a pack, troop or crew nearby.

If your unit is one of those pins, you want that prospective Scout parent to have a direct line of communication to you. That way you can tell them all about how awesome Pack 123 is or what makes Troop 456 so great.

There’s just one problem: some units haven’t updated their pins, meaning there’s an extra obstacle between you and a new member of your unit.

Updating your pin is easy, and it’s well worth your time. Check out this simple steps to update your pin. Also, follow these simple steps if your unit will be full family (girls).

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp season is here! Youth from the greater Cleveland area gathered at the unit service center to have a blast. Activities included making magical potions, launching bottle rockets, shooting bb guns, archery and reading time, among others.